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Monday, July 15, 2013

Pallet Herb Garden

I've always wanted to use a pallet in a crafting project and I finally did!  Meet my little pallet herb garden.

He's pretty cute, isn't he?

After making this herb garden, I know what I would do differently.  So I'll show you what I did, and tell you what I would have done.

First, I cut a pallet in half.  Ahem... ThatGuy cut a pallet in half.   Our patio is on the smaller side and an entire pallet would take up too much space!  So half a pallet is perfect.

Then we added some burlap on the back of the pallet.  The burlap is from our coffee supplier, Metropolis.  They get coffee beans from all over the world in giant burlap sacks.  Sometimes if I ask nicely, they'll send some burlap bags inside our coffee order.  For some reason we thought adding burlap to the back of the pallet was a crucial step, but it turns out only to be decorative.  Feel free to skip this step.

This is where we made our critical errors.  We don't have a fancy saw, so we just used extra pieces of the pallet that were too small/bended/short and used wood glue to make a bottom board for the plant well.  This doesn't not work!  You need to have the correct size wood  attached with nails to ensure stability.  My pieces keep falling down and I'm holding everything together with twine.  I'm just waiting for the day the entire row of parsley falls down...

Purple basil and regular basil




I added some dirt, herbs and flowers and it looks great!  I feel like Martha Stewart when I go outside to get some basil for dinner.  

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