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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adventures in Beekeeping: Swarm Found!

Something amazing happened- we found our swarm of bees!  It turns out there are some abandoned hives on the farm where the bees are, and they made their new home in an old hive.  ThatGuy and I were so happy.  Now we know a little what the Prodigal son's father felt like when his wayward son returned. 

I've never seen a swarm, but here's a YouTube video featuring a swarm.

There were some people on the farm who saw our hive and said it was louder than an airplane passing overhead!  Swarms are surprisingly docile and gentle since they have no house to defend.

Here's where they were:

ThatGuy and I went in the evening, when all the foraging bees are home and stuffed newspaper in all the openings.  We strapped all the boxes together, put it on a dolly and ThatGuy pulled the hive across the farm and back by our other two.  He is so strong!  I wanted to take some pictures of the event, but it was rather stressful and some people (ThatGuy) wanted help steadying the hive instead of a photographer. 

Now we have 3 hives!

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