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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adventures in Beekeeping: Installing the Hive

Finally it was time to install the bees into their hive!  This was a very exciting time, and ThatGuy and I talked over and over the steps. Then we promptly forgot everything!  Luckily ThatGuy remembered what I forgot, and I remembered what ThatGuy forgot.  

Getting out supplies ready
Unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures, because my hands were busy and in elbow length leather gloves.  Basically, we followed this format from Dadant. 


Being on a farm, we had some friendly visitors who came over to participate and observe. 

curious cat
and curious ponies

Things in the first hive went GREAT!  Things in the second hive... not so great.  This includes a dead queen, having a package of bees in the bathroom, and spilling a bucket of sugar syrup.  But we are chalking it up to a learning experience!  

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