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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adventures in Beekeeping: The Gear

A very important package arrived on the doorstep- the bee gear!! A beekeeper has a few essential tools and we got ours from Dadant and Son's.

First up is the hive tool.  This will help in prying the supers apart after the bees have put propolis everywhere.

Hive tool from Dadant and Son's
 Next is a bee brush to brush away bees.

Bee Brush
 Then is the smoker.  Smoke calms the bees down- and I don't want rowdy bees when I'm around!

And of course, the outfit.  Now I know you are expecting a full white suit- but if I'm going to spend $100 on an outfit, its not going to be on a boring (albeit protective) white suit!  ThatGuy and I are living on the edge and just bought gloves and a veil. Of course we will wear long pants and long sleeves with the bees.

The last time I wore elbow length gloves was senior prom!
 And not to be left out, Penelope got to play with the box.


Can you believe this pose?  I think she knows what a camera is.

Up next: The Bee Yard!

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  1. That Guy looks swollen. Has he been stung by a few bees or is he just out of shape?


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