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Friday, November 2, 2012

Yarn Monster Pencils

My youngest niece (who has now chosen to be known as Little Miss Hermione Granger on this blog)  was in town from Seattle last week and we had a chance to get some serious crafting done.  We checked out some ideas from different blogs and decided to make some monsters similar to Two Shades of Pink.

Little Miss Hermione Granger

We wrapped yarn around a hand about 50 times, then slipped it off and tied the loops tight in the middle.  Next we cut all the ends of the loops to create our pompoms.  It was fun to give the pompoms a little hair cut to make the ends shorter.


We slipped a pencil in the center of the pompom and added some hot glue to make sure nothing would slop.  Then we added some facial details using yarn, felt and googly eyes.


In some cases, we added a lot of googly eyes!

This one looks like a chef, but actually has a felt rosette on it's head.

It was kind of hard to stop making these once we got started... anyone want a yarn monster pencil? 

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