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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft: Needle Felting

Many people have messy kitchens after the Thanksgiving meal. Here's what happened to my mom's kitchen table: 

It's not dirty dishes and leftover turkey, but a whole bunch of crafting supplies!!  We had our annual post-Thanksgiving Crafting Extravaganza (see here for last year's post).  Sister-in-law B (from ScienceBee fame) brought some needle felting supplies and it was love at first stab. 

B shared her supplies for felting- colored wool fibers, special needles and foam.  Basically you stab the needs into the fibers, causing them to knot up and become hard.  You can maneuver the fibers around with the needle to form different shapes.

I started out with a pompom and was impressed by B's little snowman, cardinal and baby penguin.  My mom made a small snowman with a scarf!

After my pompom, I was inspired to make... a baby Penelope the bunny!

Penelope and her baby!!  Clearly Penelope is excited to pose for these pictures.


  1. So cute! I love needle felting, it's very soothing to me and amazes me that you can create something so completely adorable! :o)


  2. I have never tried needle felting, but this looks like fun! I am sure Penelope was more excited than she let on!


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