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Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Drum Shade

When I bought my condo, there were some things not up to my liking.  Something I didn't like from the beginning, but thought I could live with was the large gold, builder's grade chandelier in the entryway.


4th of July bunting

Fall Bunting

To make a DIY drum shade, you will need the following: 
2 23" embroidery hoops (inside hoop only
2 1/3 yard buckram (stiff fabric)
2 1/3 yard other fabric
2 1/3 ribbon (or 4 1/2 yard for top and bottom embellishment)
spray adhesive
hot glue
2 wooden dowels

First, make sure your outer fabric is wrinkle-free.  I ran a hot iron over my fabric to make sure it was flat.  Also, I did NOT wash my fabric, to make sure it was as stiff as possible.

Then I laid out the buckram over my black fabric. 

The next step is to attach the two fabrics together.  I used Kyron's East-Tack adhesive- the directions said to spray each surface and then attach after 1 minute. Then I let the whole thing dry for about 2 hours.

After the pieces were well-adhered, I trimmed down the black fabric, leaving about 2 inches around the buckram. 

Then cut slits in the outer fabric about every 2 inches.  This will help when gluing the fabric over the embroidery hoop. 

I had to take a break from my project to feed Penelope the rabbit some celery tops.  She is a healthy eater!  

Carefully glue the fabric to the inside of the embroidery hoop.  (The outer embroidery hoop is not used to make the shade.  Put it away for another craft project on another day.)

After hot gluing the fabric one embroidery hoop, glue it to the other hoop.  This part is the most tedious, as you want to make sure the fabric is taught and straight between the hoops. 

Then glue the tabs of the outer fabric onto on the inside of the hoop, creating a nice edge.  Repeat using the other hoop to create your drum shade.  I then topped off the shade with a black ribbon trim.

The following show the new shade, although the pictures aren't the greatest quality.  To attach the shade over the existing light, I just used 2 wooden dowels and criss-crossed them inside the shade and used their tension to hold it up.   

 Can you see the "x" the wooden dowels make inside the top of the shade? 


As you can tell from my festive Christmas wreath I did this project in January, but never got around to posting it!

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