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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coffee Shop Reality

We had a very hot weekend, but we transformed the coffeshop into our own!  

After all of the previous owner's decoration were all taken down- we had a clean slate.

If you had told me I would spent hours picking small pieces of tape from the walls in the train station, I would have never beliveed you.  I think I picked 40 years of tape off the walls!!

Here's our awesome carpenter- aka my Dad.  He hung up our wood background.

My mom and I sewed this awning. It kind of looks like a circus tent to me, but I love it and it really adds a lot of fun color.   ThatGuy had a large banner printed with our logo on it.  Next Stop Coffee Shop!

ThatGuy painted chalkboard paint above the shop and wrote our vendors inside the boxes.   Overall we are really pleased with the look.  We hope the customers will be too!


  1. good luck with your new venture! I think it looks amazing!

  2. It's looking amazing! If I'm ever in GE, you know I'll stop by and bug ThatGuy :)


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