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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coffee Shop Dreams

Here's why I haven't blogged in a while:  ThatGuy and I bought a coffee shop!

It's inside a train station in our town, so it primarily serves commuters.  We are taking over for a woman who has been there 41 YEARS.  Ever since she was in high school!!

When we say coffee shop, really its more like a coffee stand... or kiosk... or closet.  It's very small and just has a window to serve customers.  There are no tables or wi-fi, just benches for people to wait for the train. 

Since its inside the train station, the vast majority of customers are business people who take the train into the city every day.  We have stiff competition- Starbucks is literally across the street!  But if this woman can make it work for 41 years, we are hoping we can too.  Well, maybe not for 41 years, but at least long enough to make our money back. 

The station is decorated with this paneling painted with scenes from the town.  Some would call it charming... I'm not sure what I call it, but I know I don't really like it!

When the station was originally built there was a small bank inside.  See the banking area that is now a creamer station? 

As you can see, this coffee shop is ripe with opportunity to decorate!!  I have a lot of ideas.  To see the final changes, make sure you check the blog tomorrow!! 

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