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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buzz! Buzz!

A few months ago I learned about a childhood friend's new hobby: beekeeping.  While listening to NPR a while ago she was impressed with the importance of the honeybee to our national food supply and also struck with the plight of the honeybee.  The honeybee population has been mysteriously and dramatically decreasing in the past couple of years.  While I couldn't find the podcast that inspired my friend Corie to become a backyard beekeeper, you can read more about honeybees here or visit her honeybee blog here

I've been really interesting in beekeeping ever since hearing Corie talk about it and she graciously let me tag along to visit her hives.

The hive- they painted it a lovely shade of light green.  Corie says there could be around 50,000 bees in this hive!

Corie and her aunt checking out the hive.  The compartments are called "supers" and  the top ones hold honey while the bottom containers are home to baby bees.

See all the bees!?  You have to be brave to be a beekeeper! 

We saw a rare apperance by the Queen!  She is larger than the worker bees.


In the picture below, you can see the larva inside the cells- they look like a very small white caterpillar.

The right outfit makes allll the difference!


Every year at school I do a Where Did you Read? bulletin board.  I think the kids will be pretty impressed that their librarian read a bee book to real honeybees!

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