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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Panty Parfait

Here's a great bachelorette party present: A Panty Parfait!  This is a perfect gift for the upcoming wedding season.  I recently did this for my new sister-in-law and she loved it.

It's basically a parfait that's made from panties instead of ice cream.  Each panty has a little note attached to it that spans the lifetime of a marriage.  You need to match the panty style to the note- don't worry, you'll understand when you see the poem.  

Obviously some of the poems you can change to match the couple. For example, I put one in about Michigan since my brother lives there.  Also, put the name of the groom where I indicated "husband."  Then it's HILARIOUS to have the last panty be a giant grandma panty- that will really get laughs from the crowd.

Supplies Needed:
Parfait glass

Print the poems on cardstock, cut out each one and attach to panties. Stack them inside the parfait glass and wrap present.


To the last all the way to old age
Starting from your wedding day.
Panties for every occasion;
A sexy underwear parfait!

The first are for your wedding day
They are of the purist white.
And let’s toast to your innocence
On your wedding night!

The next pair is for your honeymoon
Se sexy- small and lace!
We hope you leave the hotel room
Cause (honeymoon location)’s a gorgeous place!

For your first knock-down, drag out fight
As a newly young married couple
When (husband) sees you in this little number
He’ll forgive you on the double!

Another white for your first anniversary
You’ll be feeling naughty
(husband) still won’t be able to believe
He married such a hottie!

And since you live in Michigan
It’s time support Big Blue.
These will help your sex life
From taking a little snooze.

And when the time is right for you and (husband)
And don’t be saying maybe!
You’ll wear a little pink or blue
In honor of your baby!

After 5 or 10 married years
You’ll still be going strong.
But if you need a little boost
Just put this beauty on.

When your years of wedded bliss
Become the old 2-5,
Just slip on this little number
To keep the sparkle alive!!

And finally when you’re old and gray,
With these you can’t go wrong.
Cause, sorry, but at that age
You just can’t wear a thong!

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  1. What a fun gift... way better than a boring party game.


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