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Friday, April 27, 2012

Crafty Shower: Wooden Spool Photo Holders

Wedding showers are a great place to show off childhood pictures of the bride and groom.  Luckily for new sister-in-law B, my brother was THE CUTEST KID EVER!! 

While searching for ideas for our crafty-themed shower, I turned to Pinterest and found lots of great ideas, including one that uses spools as photo holders.  So easy, people!!  Just cut a wooden dowel down to size and slap on some cute paper and a photo. 

Next to a blue mason jar with daisies and some metal knitting needles, the spool photo holders are a really cute display!  We did a picture of the groom on one side and the bride on the other side.

 I would recommend doing some sort of adhesive on the bottom, just to make sure the spools don't wobble around or fall.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crafty Shower: Knitting Wreath

My brother got married last weekend!  So I suppose its about time I blogged about the awesome, craft-themed shower we had for his new wife last month.


Here's a shot of the food table- featuring my knitting/sewing wreath among a lot of delicious food.  This wreath was made possible by my downstairs old lady neighbor, who didn't know I went through her donation pile on the driveway before the van came to pick stuff up.  I took one grapevine wreath and a small vintage blue suitcase.   And I do have some guilt, but a very minor amount.


First I wrapped some wooden spools in blue and green yarn. 

So cute!


Then I used floral wire to attach wooden knitting needles to the wreath. 

Then use some floral wire to grab a strand of yarn and attach to the wreath. 

I also wrapped some yarn around the wreath to give it more color. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LIghtbulb Biography People

If you were to stroll around my library, you would see some very cool famous people made out of lightbulbs!

Helen Keller

King Tut

Diana, Princess of Wales

Sam Houston

Ike Eisenhower


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sweet future-sister-in-law B gifted me a cute succulent last weekend!  I immediately put it on my kitchen table and gave it a full glass of water because I thought would be thirsty riding in the car from Michigan to Chicagoland.  Then I read online how succulents do not need a lot of water.  Whoops! 

Here are some beautiful succulents from Martha's garden:


And Design Sponge hosted a DIY Succulent party where they arrange their plants with little miniatures.


For now my succulent is sitting on the window sill in a plastic container, but someday it will hopefully have a cuter home!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Author Skype

My 2nd graders are OBSESSED with a series of books called The Buddy Files. It's told by the point of view of a dog and the author really knows what dogs think!  

The Buddy Files: Case of the Lost Boy

 The first book, The Case of the Missing Boy, actually is centered around 2 mysteries.  The dog, King, gets dropped off at the P-O-U-N-D because his owners never returned from vacation.  He is adopted and renamed Buddy and, get this, his new owners live kitty-corner to his old house!  This is the perfect time for King/Buddy to do some sleuthing and discover what happened to his old family.  

As King/Buddy sniffs for clues, he also starts to get attached to his new family.  King/Buddy's new boy, Connor, misses his old house and runs away.  King/Buddy is determined to help his new Mom find Connor.  Seriously, drama is thick is intermediate novel!  And the author, Dori Hillestad Butler, does an amazing job writing from the perspective of a dog.  

Since both teachers read the book aloud and the books have been flying off the shelves, I knew I had a golden opportunity to really get the kids excited about being an author.  I emailed Dori Hillestad Butler and asked for a free Skype visit.  She agreed and we did one this week.  The kids were beyond excited.  When I told them about the virtual visit, one second grader yelled, "I'm so excited my legs just got weak!" 

I set up the projector, screen and my Mac for our Skype visit and it went great!  The teacher had generated a list of questions with the students and picked kids to come up to the camera to speak.

We learned that Mrs. Butler has a dog named Mouse, writes books for kids of all ages, and knew from a young age that she wanted to be a writer growing up.  And, perhaps the most exciting, Mrs. Butler told us the secret title of her new Buddy Files book!!

But most of all, the kids are excited about writing and reading, which makes this librarian very, very happy. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Daffodil Surprise

Today when I woke up, I saw a beautiful surprise in my kitchen!

About a month ago my mom gave me some daffodil bulbs she found in her garage.  She made no promised about whether they would grow or not.  I took a gamble and stopped by Home Depot to pick up some potting soil and got to work potting the bulbs on my patio.

After adding some soil to the tops of the bulbs, I put the pot on my kitchen table next to the sun.  I waited... and waited... and waited.  

 Nothing was happening!  I moved the pot outside and forgot about it.  Then being super responsible,  ThatGuy moved the pot back inside during a cold snap and three days later- a beautiful daffodil!

Monday, April 2, 2012


All crafters get excited about finding a new crafting medium, especially if it's free.  The other day while talking about decorating a wall with ThatGuy, I remembered Just A Girl's Pallet Wall.  I love the different shades of wood, as well as the striking statement the pallet wall makes.  I showed it to That Guy who reminded me that he has pallets at his work's warehouse that they throw away every week.  THROW AWAY!?!  Can you believe it?  After doing some quick Pinterest research, I discovered there are many, many, many crafty uses for pallets!  Here are some of my favorites:

Just a Girl's Pallet Wall
Life on the Balcony's Pallet Garden

Kojo Design's Pallet Reading Area
Sheryl Salsibury Photography's Pallet Swing
Apartment Therapy's Pallet Dish Display
So many great ideas out there.  I want to try the pallet garden, as that could be a good fit for my little balcony and requires no woodworking or tool knowledge.  I'm all about easy, cheap crafting!