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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Printables

Guess what tomorrow is?  Valentine's Day!  I was super surprised to come home today and find roses and a sweet card from ThatGuy a day earlier than I expected!  ThisGirl (me) loves sweet surprises, so having my Valentine's present a day earlier than expected just sends my heart all a flutter.

But of course this means I'm not prepared to give ThatGuy anything until tomorrow! Here are some great printables for you last minute peeps.

Hunger Games inspired cards at HungerGamesMovie.org.

Downton Abbey printables from Chad Thomas

Awesome Harry Potter inspired cards from Yenniper. I love them so much I had to post 3 examples!

2+2= Friends Forever!  School cards at One Charming Party

Coffee cup printable covers from Eat Drink Chic.


Oh Chuck Bass.... find all of the Gossip Girl men on their Facebook page. (Yes, I am friends w/Gossip Girl!!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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