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Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Post: Satin Flowers

I'd like to welcome my beautiful friend Mandy to the Storycrafting for a guest post!  Mandy is a fellow teacher at my school.   She's a great teacher who loves her students dearly.  Not only is she talented at teaching 5th graders, she's also an extremely crafty girl! 

Today this teacher is going to school us on how to make these cute flowers!

Materials Needed:
-       satin, tulle, any fabric that edges can burn and curl
-       scissors
-       candle
-       matches
-       buttons, beads, equines ect.
-       Hot glue gun OR needle & thread

Choose your fabric; I used a purple satin.

 Cut out 5-9 “circles” starting small and getting a little bigger with each one. You do not need to make sure the circles are straight/perfect.

Stack your circles so the biggest one is on the bottom and smallest on the top. Light your candle and have your glue gun ready

You carefully are going to MELT the edges of each circle by holding it to the candle. Make sure you MELT them not burn. When you burn the edges they get very black and dark and crack.

5  As you burn the edges you want to sort of roll the each the circle so they edges curl.

You can either hot glue the next part or you can sew them together. I used hot glue, and hot glued each circle on top of each other.

If you use a needle and thread you would just stitch it right through the middle of the petals that are stack. I use hot glue because I find that when you use needle and thread the flower is a little too floppy.

Then you can put a button or bead in the middle!



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  1. Hi Joy, these flowers are adorable. Who would have thought that they would have been this easy to make. You did a great job. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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