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Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Old is New

Our bedroom is finally finished!  This post really should be by ThatGuy, who did massive amounts of work while I watched TV and read children's books.  Behold, our before and after pictures!! 

After w/new furniture!
Before w/old furniture

(see this post about our gallery wall photo display) 

ThatGuy learned a lot during the course of this project.

First, he learned how to fill in the holes from the old hardware using wood filler.

Then, he learned how to sand down the surface of the furniture with his electric sander. 

Third, he learned this was a pretty big project that would not be finished in a weekend.

We used a faux finish paint from Martha Stewart called lighstrokes in the color "twig."  The biggest lesson we learned through this project is that faux finish is meant to have texture.  We bought the paint because we liked the color, not because we wanted to do a faux finish texture of swirls or plaid pattern.  This created many moments of frustration as ThatGuy carefully applied the paint and there were visible brush strokes.

Now many people would have just bought a new paint with the correct finish to complete this project.  But ThatGuy and I are stubborn.... and cheap.  We already spend like $40 on this paint and we were going to use it!!

Poor ThatGuy did like 4 to 5 carefully applied coats of paint to diminish the visible brush strokes.  In the end, the furniture looks really nice and the brush strokes are only visible to severe critics (i.e. ThatGuy and me) and not nice critics (like our moms).

Another thing we learned is use new hardware that fit inside the holes made by the old hardware.  A few of our handles are not completely level or in the center of the drawer. 

Overall, this was a HUGE learning project, but we are really happy with the results!  We achieved a new look for our old furniture and now our bedroom is a reflection of us!

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  1. I just found your blog, and keep on reading! I love it! You have done a very good job! I love the picture (to have and to hold) collage above the dresser! Fun!


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