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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Desk to Drawers

Growing up I used a nice set of bedroom furniture.  It's from my Grandmother and it's a little... well, it's a little dated and a lot girly.  When ThatGuy moved in he declared we needed new bedroom that was man-friendly.  I suppose my pink bedspread didn't help the situation.  So after some shopping and seeing the cost of new quality furniture, we decided to redo the furniture we already owned. 

Our piece of test furniture is a desk that I mostly used for storage.  While some people (named ThatGuy) like to be all organized sitting at a desk, I much prefer doing my lessons plans on the couch wearing sweatpants with my papers strewn about on the floor, thank you very much.   Therefore the desk itself wasn't needed, but the drawers were nice to store items in.  We asked my dad to cut off the desk part to save just the drawers and he was happy to oblige. 

Getting ready to cut the desk in half

A big circular saw!  Very scary indeed.

The first cut
Go Dad!  Go Dad!

There was a lot of sawdust.  And I was happy.

Tada!  A mini set of drawers
Just wait until you see what we did with all the furniture!!


  1. great idea! I love reconstruction.

  2. Following you via Freestyle Friday.


  3. I want to do this to make a night stand! Once I find my desk I'll be contacting you :)


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