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Monday, January 23, 2012

Decorative Knob Hanging

Several of you have asked how I hung the Heart Art I made ThatGuy.  Okay, it was actually just one person... and it was my Dad.  But I'm going to tell you about it anyway!

Anytime you hang something heavy on the wall, use an anchor.  The anchor I used will hold up to 20 pounds, which has way more strength than I needed for the Heart Art.  Make a hole in the wall and screw the anchor in.

Meanwhile I used a 1/16 drill bit to make small holes in the frame.  Then I screwed the circle hooks into the frame. 

One the hooks were attached, wrap the ribbon through the hooks and tie a pretty bow at the top. 


Then take your decorative knob (I got mine from Hobby Lobby) and screw it into the anchor.  The anchor kind of explodes inside the wall to make practically impossible to ever take out.

 Now this is interesting... when I tried to unscrew the knob out of the anchor to take a picture the screw came off of the knob and stuck inside the anchor.  This could be really difficult (impossible?) to ever remove from the wall.  I hope ThatGuy doesn't read this post!

Hang your frame around the knob. So pretty!!

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