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Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Christmas Decorations

While wedding planning I really wanted to do a candy buffet, but was having a hard time making the financial investment in glass jars.  I ended up finding some affordable ones at Home Goods and I'm so glad I did!  They have come in handy for decorating around the house... and as a home for ThatGuy's pet goldfish.

Okay, back to Christmas decorations inside giant glass jars!

This is a knock off of a decoration we saw at Pottery Barn. I'd show the picture I snapped on my iPhone, but their display looks MUCH better than mine.

Fake snow (with some glitter snow!) with evergreen and cranberry floral picks.

Pinecones from my pinecone walk ontop of fake snow.

Vanilla scented candle on top of real cranberries.  I wasn't sure how long the cranberries would last, but its been a good 3 weeks and they are doing well!

Yay for our candy buffet!!  And yay for reusing things that seem like an outrageous and expensive purchase at the time!

photo credit Katherine Salvatori

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