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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Murphy's Stache Bash

Last  weekend I co-hosted a Meet the Baby party for this little man. 


In case you couldn't tell by the giant paper mustache on a stick in front of Murphy's face, it was a Stache Bash!!  I've recently become obsessed with mustaches (see here) and think they are hilarious.  And, like any good party planner, I went a little crazy with the theme....

I had a little photo area where people could pose with a mustache on a stick.  Pictures were printed out and put inside a special photo album so Murphy could get to know his Midwestern friends.

ThatGuy and Murphy's Dad

Mustaches as bushy eyebrows!
Write a note to baby Murphy! (please note the cards also have a mustache on them) 
 I also did a Name the Stache game and printed out pictures of famous mustaches.  There are a surprising amount of famous mustaches out there!  My favorites are Salvator Dali and Mario.

Thinking hard about mustaches
To make the game slightly more challenging, I covered up their eyes with giant mustaches

Luckily the party host's house had a great mantle that the photos could lean on. 

Party favors were chocolate mustaches- more on that tomorrow!! 

*Murphy's Stache Bash has been featured on Mine for the Making!


  1. What an adorable party! Love it! Thanks for linking up to Diy Diva Thurs! Please link back to the party :)



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