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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun with Word

I have no PhotoShop skills... but I can do some neat things in Word!  For Murphy's Stache Bash I made these personalized tags to wrap around the chocolate mustache party favors.

Open up a Word document and select "Autoshapes," then "Basic shapes" and then "Oval." Draw an oval on your document and then double click to get its properties.

Under the Size options, you can select the size of your oval- thus making it a circle!

Under "Fill Effects" you can do soooo many things to your circle.  For Murphy's tags I used a pattern that looked like an argyle pattern and then selected colors.  But you can also add a picture too! 

After the circle was the correct size, patten and colors, add a text box.  I used my current favorite font, Champagne and Limousines from DaFont. 

I carefully cut the circles out (well... I enlisted the help from some friends!) and punched out a wavy circle in green cardstock.  Then I glued the circles on, punched a small hole and attached the tag with some ribbon!  They turned out pretty cute!

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  1. Thanks! I've had no idea how people do this but this could do. Just need some ink!


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