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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bunny Proofing

During the Christmas season, one of the first things I do when I get home from work (after I put on comfy pants, of course) is to turn on the Christmas lights.  However, last week when I flipped the power strip, only 2/3 of the lights came on!  Here's the reason why:

The Culprit
Penelope Pancakes the Rabbit is cute and all, but she has 4 of the sharpest teeth ever!  And as close as I watch her, she's a rascally rabbit that had too much fun sitting under the Christmas tree chewing on cords when I was in the laundry room.  As a result, we had to bunny-proof the tree. 

My bunny-proof tree

I put the rabbit (really a dog) gate up around the tree.  In an attempt to make it look less ugly, I wrapped a red ribbon through the grate.  Still not the prettiest, but now I can let Penelope run around and not worry about any more cord chewing incidents.


Now she spends about 2 hours a day hopping around the gate seeing if she can get inside.  But she can't- because it's bunny proof!!


  1. That is so cute! Your bunny is super sweet.My friend in college had a bunny and rats that ran around the house chewing cords. She bought some plastic tubing to in close them all.

  2. That's too funny, and she's too, too cute!

  3. Hahah! I thought Penelope Pancakes was more tough. I'm surprised she doesn't barge through the tree-barrier after hearing about her lunging towards the children!

  4. I had a bunny similar to Penelope years ago. He was a waskilly wabbit too! :) I did find though, that the concrete tube forms that you can find at Home Depot and Lowe's made for fun times (both running through and munching) for him. :)
    Just when I thought I couldn't love your newly found blog, I find out you have a bunny..... *swoon*


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