Thursday, October 6, 2011

Silhouette Wall Vinyl Tutorial

The other day I received my vinyl starter kit from Silhouette!  ThatGuy and I made a gallery wall in our bedroom (pictures soon!) and left space for a some vinyl words.  After much deliberation and a couple of "spirited conversations" we decided on To Have and to Hold from our wedding vows.  

The next great debate was over font.  We choose Standard Cursive, which we felt was a nice combination of modern and traditional, without being too romantic and swirly.  (p.s. looking for font downloads can be addictive!  I like the best). 


To make sure the letters connected and there are no cuts between letters, weld the letters together.  This is found under Object - Modify- Weld.  Warning: After you weld letters together, I'm not sure there is a way to unweld. 

When you are ready to cut, pick the Silhouette Vinyl setting.  This does not need a carrier sheet so make sure you select the appropriate setting on the machine. 


Use the hook to take off the vinyl around the letters. 


 Make a fun sticky pile of the extra vinyl!

Apply the transfer paper to the vinyl and peel off the back.  Then position your vinyl and sticky part of the transfer paper onto the wall (or whatever surface you are putting the vinyl on).  Use the plastic scrapper tool and rub hard against the vinyl letters and wall.  Then peel off the transfer paper.  

  Ta da!

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    I love your phrase and the font you picked. Can't wait to see the whole wall now ;)


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