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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School Picture Books

With school starting I've been getting back to what I love- sharing books with kids! Here are some of my favorite picture books for the beginning of the school year- they all are about books or school.

Alfred's friends are his books. He slowly collects all of the books in the town until there are none left. After he reads all the books and becomes an old man (the kids love seeing him age throughout the book), he learns that the best books are the ones that are shared.

When the children go back to school, the farm animals are bored. Looking for a good time, they head to the public library to check out books. However, the librarian can't understand the neighs, moos, and baahs from the animals. Just wait until chicken talks to the librarian!

Henry loves books! Well, he loves to EAT books. It started innocently enough with a eating a word, then a sentence, next a page and finally a whole book! As you can guess, Henry learns that its better to read books than eat them, but only after some very interesting experiences.

Rocket the dog becomes the unlikely student of a cute yellow bird who enthusiastically teaches him how to read. This sweet story is great for kids learning how to read and understanding that adding letters builds words.

If you know a 3-4 year old, put on your best shoes and RUN to purchase this book! In this sequel to Pete the Cat: Love My White Shoes, Pete rocks out in his school shoes around school. Be sure to also download the free song- it will get stuck in your head all day, but it is worth it.

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