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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Idea Garden

Last week, ThatGuy and I visited Paris.

Okkkaay, that's not actually the real Eiffel Tower. It's a 23 foot wooden replica at Cantigny, which is pretty darn close to the actual landmark. I'm sure.

ThatGuy wanted his picture next to the tanks. (What is it with boys and army things?)

We realized we are getting old because we were fascinated with the idea garden. The idea garden features way to garden in interesting ideas. Like this Croc plant display:

Or this smiley face, visible from up above.

These upside-down wine bottles make a cute divider between colorful peppers and the walking path.

Missing a boot? Just use the lone boot as a planter!

They have 10 huge flower displays for the Big 10 schools. Each one had flower to match the school colors!

Decorated rain gauge:

The elevated garden is safe from nibbly animals.

Turn big pots into water features!

Lots of fun ideas at the aptly-named Idea Garden!

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