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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The AMAZING Craft Armoire!

Meet my new craft armoire:

I know this looks like an entertainment unit. And it is. Or rather, was an entertainment unit.

But one wood-working father and one crafting daughter later, it's a beautiful, amazing craft armoire!

I bought this beauty at Jubilee Furniture, my favorite used furniture store. With all the flat screen televisions, many old entertainment units end up at Jubilee, just waiting to be re-purposed into something else. Enter: me and my need to craft.

As previously posted, ThatGuy is really clean and I am... well, let's just say I'm not really clean. Having a craft armoire is a perfect place for me to make a mess and then close the doors! A happy marriage this craft armoire makes.

My dad did just most of the work on this project. He replaced the back with pegboard so I can organize my tools. Then he built two pull out drawers for the large cabinet in the center and a pull out desk. He built, I painted, he installed. It was a team effort (but mostly my dad).

And to finish it off- the cute chair! Another find from Jubilee, this is the perfect height. I had grand plans to repaint it, but it actually looks pretty good next to the armoire.

And a special shout out goes to ThatGuy and his brother, who bravely moved this heavy piece of furniture up the stairs! Due to the extreme weight of the armoire, I am not allowed to ever request it be moved... it may even have to stay with the house after we move!


  1. Yea! This looks nice! I really like blogger and find wordpress confusing. it has too many options! Is that an old person thing to say?


  2. Yeah, Wordpress really confused me and the things I wanted to do required the subscription. This blogger is a cheapie, so I moved to blogspot!!

  3. I love it! It really looks just like the expensive ones you can buy. I hope it's everything you were looking for (since it sounds like you're stuck with it no matter what!). :)

  4. I'm here from Tip Junkie. That is a great way to use an old piece of furniture. Your Dad did a great job.

  5. Love it! I really want a pegboard in my craft armoire....

  6. Love your project! I could really use one in my house!

  7. Turned out really great! Awesome idea of a thrift find!

  8. Looks really great - I'd love to have one too! You're really blessed to have a dad who can do such nice work.

  9. Love this. I could really use one in my craft room.


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