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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Lovin'- Having a Blast?

We are not having a blast today... The 20 minute storm yesterday morning has knocked out our power! And ComEd said it will be DAYS until our power is back. Me and ThatGuy are bouncing from air-conditioned coffee shop to air-conditioned book store, trying to stay sane. We are the type of people (like many) who like routine and our personal comforts. Do you even know how often we use power? Lights, TV, washing machine, radio, microwave, garage door, garbage disposal- the list goes on and on. No problem with water and plumbing (which is a good thing) and a little bit of a mystery to me.

We keep reminding ourselves about the people in Joplin, MO and all the other recent tornado and fire areas where people have lost their entire homes, which helps us keep this current inconvenience in perspective. And we are lucky to have parents close by, who are happy to store food in their refrigerator and let us sleep in their guest room.

OK, enough philosophizing and onto today's project! I've been playing around with my Silhouette machine and decided to make a paint chip banner. ThatGuy and I rode our bikes over to Home Depot, where you can take paint chips for FREE. I decided to use yellows and oranges, which are summer colors and compliment the reds in the living room.

Then I used Britannic Bold font and used the carrier grid to kind of eyeball the size using the carrier sheet. I'm sure there is a more technical and better way to do this, but hey, I'm learning. After much fiddling around, I ended up using the Heavy Cardstock setting and did a double cut.

Watching the Silhouette cut paper is like the coolest thing ever. And it makes awesome spaceship sounds, which really enhances the experience. If you don't have a Silhouette the same banner could be made by using a dye-cut machine (I've seen these at craft stores you can pay to use) or stopping by your local elementary school and sweet talking the secretary. You could also print out the letters using Word and then cut them out to use as a template on your paint chips.

After cutting out the letters, I laid them under a heavy book for a day to make sure they were flat and just used Scotch tape to attach them to twine. And I apologize for these crappy photos. I wanted to take these pictures and escape from our hot and humid home and into the sweet air-conditioning at Borders.

Bunny is super hot too. I gave her some water in a dish which she drank a little, promptly spilled and then laid in. This must be a bunny version of a pool.

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