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Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July Pinwheel Wreath

Clean or craft? I often face this question and cleaning doesn't usually win...

Seeing all those cute wreaths on the blogs (especially this one at The Cellar Door Stories) inspired me to make my own! And I have a lot of fabric left over from my bunting, so I have to use it somehow.

I bought a white floral wreath from JoAnn's and spray painted it red. Probably didn't need to do that, but I had some extra red laying around and it only took an hour to dry. Then I stuck a pin into the end of the yarn and started wrapping. It actually only took about 20 minutes, but in the beginning I wasn't sure if I would even finish! When I got to the beginning again, I stuck a new pin into the yarn and snipped off the extra.

While the paint was drying, I made some pinwheels. I used the fusible interfacing and ironed squares together. Then I followed Just Sew Sassy's instruction to make the pinwheels. Easy cheesy!

Then I stuck the pinwheels onto the wreath with pins and hung it on the door. Because the pins are so easy to take out, I can change out the pinwheels for another decoration for different holidays (hello Valentine's Day!)

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  1. it looks AWESOME!! i love the textured yarn and the pinwheels. thanks for sharing my link :)

    ps.....i also love your library card catalog table thingy!


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